EIT Climate “Climathon”

Climathon is a global movement designed to engage citizens in improving climate conditions in their cities. The focus is on cities that, with the help of permanent support, can contribute to reducing the climate change impacts and adjustments to the same.
Climathon is conceived as a 24-hour event in which an innovative process of addressing the climate problem specific to the host city takes place. The event is organized simultaneously in all registered cities at a predetermined date for all participants, 26th October. So far, 80 cities have been reported in 40 different countries, and in Croatia, Climathon will be held in Zagreb and Varaždin.

Citizens are the carriers of innovative solutions through which they connect with the city and with potential partners sharing a vision of a healthier city. The idea is to create a movement that enables a better relationship between the citizens and city, and inspires the innovation process, creates ideas for new entrepreneurial endeavors, and overall improves the state of the environment.

Through Climathon, we intend to link the academic community, local government and local businesses in the field of green energy, as well as citizens and other interested parties. An interdisciplinary and interesting approach lasts 24 hours without interruption and results in solutions to the problem posed, which have the potential to endure in the form of future start-ups.

More information about the event format can be found in the Climathon brochure 2018 or at https://climathon.climate-kic.org/

We will soon let you know about the news and opportunities of signing up at Climathon in Zagreb and Varaždin!