Project BISTEC

Building innovation support through efficient cooperation network.

“BISTEC – Building innovation support through efficient cooperation network” is a comprehensive project worth EUR 794 thousand that will be implemented in the duration of two years (April 2013 – March 2015).

The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacity of higher education and research institutions for technology transfer and innovation thereby enabling them to collaborate with industry, investors, public authorities and other stakeholders in commercialization of the University’s research potential.

The project is coordinated by the University of Zagreb and the contact person is Sanja Galeković.

BISTEC in brief:

  • Implementation of the project began on April 1st 2013
  • Project is financed by the European programme IPA
  • Project is based on results of a previously completed project „Technology mapping at the University of Zagreb“
  • Anticipated duration of the project: 24 months
  • Budget: EUR 794,000.00 (EU non-refundable funds EUR 664,000.00)
  • Enabled new project-related employment at CRDTT: a project manager, 3 technology transfer managers, 2 technology analysts – altogether 6 new job positions with a duration of 2 years and supporting IT equipment


  • University of Zagreb (coordinator)
  • Partners:
    • University of Rijeka
    • 14 constituents of University of Zagreb
      • Faculty of Science
      • Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology
      • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
      • Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
      • Faculty of Textile Technology
      • Faculty of Metallurgy
      • Faculty of Architecture
      • Faculty of Forestry
      • School of Medicine
      • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
      • School of Dental Medicine
      • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
      • Faculty of Food technology and Biotechnology
      • Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Associates: 10 organizations from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia representing support providers in the innovation system, industry and investors:
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb
    • Croatian Chamber of Economy
    • Croatian Agency for SMEs (HAMAG INVEST)
    • Business Innovation Croatian Agency (BICRO)
    • Regional Development Agency Međimurje (REDEA)
    • Technology Park Varaždin
    • Croatian Business Angel Network (CRANE)
    • Electrical Engineering Institute Končar
    • Technology Park Ljubljana
    • Business Incubator Novi Sad

Benefit for University of Zagreb:

  • Capacity building within Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer.
  • Structuring an elaborate portfolio of possibilities  for the University of Zagreb’s constituents regarding research, technology transfer, IP management and connecting with the profit sector.
  • Professionalization of technology transfer and IP management services at the University of Zagreb.
  • Stimulating and establishing collaboration between research groups and industry.
  • Research commercialization.
  • Enhancing visibility of innovative research results among key stakeholders in the innovation system.

Considering the number of partners, it is anticipated that the project will have an impact on regional development and competitiveness of Croatian industry.

Synergy between project’s specific aims will contribute to achieving the overall objective as follows:

  • Establishment of a support network that shall include all stakeholders: higher education and research institutions, industry, investors, public institutions etc.
  • Creation of an effective technology transfer and innovation system at the University of Zagreb.
  • Enhanced process of knowledge transfer from University of Zagreb’s researchers into new products and services.

Targeted groups and beneficiaries are: research units at the faculties, researches, research institutions, industry representatives, businessmen, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), investors, organizations that support innovation and other public institutions.

Project BISTEC is based on results of a previously completed project Technology mapping at the University of Zagreb, where within a two year period (2010.-2012.) five constituents of the University of Zagreb have been mapped (Faculty of Agriculture, School of Medicine, Faculty of Food technology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology) and an electronic base of competencies of the research groups at the before mentioned faculties had been created. The aim of mapping is to collect all the information regarding the potential of individual research groups in the process of exploiting research results, knowledge and expertise. Based on detailed mapping, realistic state between the research process – transfer of technology – patenting – commercialization and collaboration with for-profit sector will be determined. This overview of the realistic state will provide guidance for further work on raising capacity so as to strengthen the before mentioned course through education, networking, direct field support and promotion in the field of technology transfer, intellectual property (so called patenting) and connecting academic and for-profit sector with the purpose of commercializing knowledge accumulated in the research community as effectively as possible.

Numerous project activities are divided into four major sections (networking of academic and for-profit sector, education and assistance in technology transfer provided to researchers, establishing of coordination in management of intellectual property at the University of Zagreb and promotion of the project and technology transfer) that shall be implemented by experts from the Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer at the University of Zagreb – BISTEC project team:
prof. Srđan Novak, Ph.D., Head of Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer  Vlatka Petrović, Ph.D., Head of Office for Technology Transfer
Sanja Galeković, Project manager
Anamaria Žigman, Project assistant
Davorka Moslavac Forjan, Ph.D., Senior Technology Transfer Manager
Davor Plavšić, Technology Transfer Manager
Radoslav Ostermann, Technology Transfer Manager
Iva Knešaurek, Analyst for intellectual property management
Iva Radočaj Novak, Analyst for data management