Technology mapping at the University of Zagreb

Technology mapping at the University of Zagreb
The overall objective of this project is to strengthen technology transfer and commercialisation capacities of the University of Zagreb in order to contribute to sustainable regional development and industry competitiveness of high value added sectors of the economy and knowledge based industry and SMEs in Croatia.
University of Zagreb, Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer
– University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture,
– University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology,
– University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology,
– University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science,
– University of Zagreb, School of Medicine
Programme action
Through this project close and effective collaboration between academic and business sector will be initiated and facilitated. On the basis of proposed action activities, industry and business sectors will easily get information to university potentials in science and technology development and access to researchers.
Finally, the action will aim to strengthen the internal information channels, relating to the issues of technology transfer and establishing links with industry. Such environment will lead to formation of multidisciplinary teams from different research fields and initiation of larger collaborative projects with better responding to needs of industry.
This project was funded by the European Union
The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) provides assistance within the framework of the European Partnership of the potential candidate countries and the Accession Partnership of the candidate countries. “The European Union is made up of 27 Member States who have decided to gradually link together their know-how, resources and destinies. Together, during a period of enlargement of 50 years, they have built a zone of stability, democracy and sustainable development whilst maintaining cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is committed to sharing its achievements and its values with countries and peoples beyond its borders”.