01 Sep

Ministry of Science and Education: Investing in science and innovation – first call

The Ministry of science and education announced Call for proposals “Investing in science and innovation – first call”.

The Ministry of science and education announced on 13th June a Call for proposals “Investing in science and innovation – first call”, financed under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020, from the European Regional Development Fund.

The subject of this call is investment in applied research projects and connecting research and business sector by transferring knowledge and technology. Investment in research and development project carried out by research organizations in compliance with S3 will contribute to innovation potential, development and transfer of technology in scientific and business community.

Aim of this call is to increase market-oriented R&D and innovation activity by supporting collaborative projects of scientific organizations and dissemination of results into the business sector, to address market shortages created due to the insufficient investment into R&D, and to increase the level of R&D and innovation activities in Croatia.

Deadline: 01.09.2017.

The total amount for allocation within the call: 158.460.000,00 kn

Max amount of support per project: 6.080.000,00 kn

Eligible applicants and partners: Scientific-research organizations enrolled in the MZO Register of Scientific Organizations

Co-financing rate: up to 85%

Information on this call for proposals is provided on the link.