Real time monitoring of teeth whitening


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Teeth whitening treatments suffer from the lack of real time monitoring during the whitening process. Scientists from Institute of Physics and School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb have developed a device that allows precise monitoring of the teeth whitening process in real time. This real time monitoring device could be used generally or applied to differentiate and control the whitening process of individual teeth as required.


1) Prevents teeth over-bleaching;
2) Ensures uniform teeth whitening by differential monitoring and whitening of individual teeth;
3) Prevents overheating of the pulp by incorporating the option of monitoring tooth temperature.


1) Existing teeth whitening devices could be significantly enhanced using this technology;
2) This technology would allow for the development of at-home teeth whitening devices.


The technology is available for licensing. The University of Zagreb is seeking industrial partners interested to incorporate this technology in their existing teeth whitening devices. Inventors posses extensive expertise as well as hands-on knowledge and are willing to provide support to potential industrial partners.

Stage of development

A prototype demonstrating features of the technology has been developed and successfully tested in the laboratory.

IP status

The technology is the subject of a PCT application filed October 2013.

Additional information

The technology was developed by the researchers from the Institute of Physics and School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. The Institute of Physics has the mandate for licensing (and selling) the technology. The Technology Transfer Office from the University of Zagreb is supporting their efforts.

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