Novel corrugated plate solar collectors


Market sectors

  • Alternative Energy


Scientists from University of Zagreb have developed a prototype of corrugated plate solar collector for water heating that are up to 30% more efficient then existing flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors, thanks to high absorber to fluid wetted surface and high heat transfer coefficients at low fluid velocities. The system has lower drop pressure compared to conventional collectors and is capable of withstanding high pressures up to 10 bar.


Compared to the existing commercial types of solar collectors, the developed novel type of solar collectors are expected to:

1) be up to 30% more thermally efficient;

2) have cheaper production costs;

3) be easier for manufacturing;

4) have lower weight (lighter collectors);

5) have lower pressure drop.


New type of solar collectors are intended for use in conventional types of solar hot water systems for domestic hot water heating, space heating and swimming pool heating .

They are also suitable for application in solar heat pumps in both unglazed and glazed design version.


The technology is available for licensing. The University of Zagreb is seeking industrial partners interested to manufacture novel corrugated plate solar collectors. The research group at the University of Zagreb possesses extensive expertise as well as hands-on knowledge and is willing to provide support to potential industrial partners and to continue with further research in the area of interest.

Stage of development

A prototype demonstrating features of the technology has been developed and successfully tested in the laboratory.

Last update: 07.10.2014. 12:14:08

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