What we do?


Proper arrangement of the relationships of intellectual property in research is an important prerequisite for future exploitation and commercialization of the results, and increasingly the condition of research and development financiers.
Also, it is desirable to check the options as  earlier as possible, and already plan the form of intellectual property protection in project preparation in a way that will facilitate commercialization of the results.
We are thus helping researchers and constituents of the University to deal with intellectual property issues in research and development projects.
If you are entering a competitive project, preparing a collaboration with the industry or want to engage students and external collaborators on a commercial potential project, feel free to contact us!


We are assisting university researchers to evaluate the commercial value and market positioning of innovations and the plan to enter the market. We also help in the state of the art research and selection of methods of intellectual property protection that will support commercialization.
In agreement with the researchers and components of the University, we prepare marketing materials for the technologies developed at the University and contact potential partners.
Alternatively, we provide advisory assistance in establishing contacts and negotiating with industry, and assisting in the preparation of commercialization or joint technology development contracts.


We regularly organize lectures and workshops that enable researchers, students and business partners to gain information and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to:

  •     management of innovations
  •     finding sources of funding and preparing development projects
  •     establishing partnerships between industry and researchers
  •     commercialization of research results
  •     intellectual property management
  •     launching a knowledge-based entrepreneurial enterprise.

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If you are interested in the needs of your organization we organize special workshops for free, please contact Vlatka Petrović.


Researchers and students involved in the launch of a knowledge-based and technology-based business at the University are advised about:

  • understanding the relationship on the target market, developing a business model and entering the market,
  • development and commercialization of innovations (e.g. testing of an innovative concept, project management in technology development, financing of development, establishing and maintaining co-operation and partnerships …),
  • intellectual property management strategies,
  • finding collaborators and building a team,
  • business planning and securing finance for growth and business development,
  • establishing contacts and networking in the community.