Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Chair of Machine Elements

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Main research field

Mechanics, wear and fatique

Specific research areas

Power transmission elements, gears and shafts


CAD modelling, FEM analysis, strain gauge application and measurement


Torque loading device, measuring amplifiers, force measurement transducers, torque measurement shafts, closed loop power test rig, disc to pin testing machine


No, but it is planned:
ISO17025 - in process

Technology keywords

  • Joining techniques (riveting, screw driving, gluing)
  • Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics, Vibration and Acoustic Engineering related to construction technology
  • Simulation, Simulation Engineering

Services offered

  • Teaching and training
  • Diagnostics

Market sectors

  • Automobiles & Parts
  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Personal Goods
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Transportation
  • Support Services
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment

Short summary (English)

The research field of the department encompasses influence of load, geometry, material, lubricant and working conditions on wear processes, critical breakdown and lifetime of machine parts, in particularly of spur and worm gears. Our personnel are familiar with application of strain gauge technology which is often used for research and cooperation purposes. We are capable to conduct static FEM analysis of certain machine parts and simple design structures.

Short summary (Croatian)

Djelatnici katedre se bave istraživanjem utjecaja opterećenja, geometrije, materijala, maziva i uvjeta rada na načine trošenja, gubitka funkcije i vijeka trajanja strojnih dijelova, a poglavito zupčanika s ravnim zubima i pužnih parova. Kako za potrebe istraživanja, tako i za potrebe suradnje, bave se i raznim mjerenjima primjenom tenzometrijske metode. U istraživanjima strojnih dijelova i jednostavnih konstrukcija koriste i statičku analizu metodom konačnih elemenata.

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