Human Powered Electronic Transmission - HuPowET


Market sectors

  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment
  • Industrial Engineering


Researchers at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing have developed a new electronic system for replacing mechanical power transmission on human-powered vehicles.
Thanks to electronic controls and specific hardware and software components, the new system offers individual movement of each pedal, thus enabling much broader functionalities than standard pedal crank sets.


  • Each pedal can be individually controlled, enabling a generator/motor mode of work in each cycle
  • Pedals can operate in cyclical (full 360°) or “step-like” (+/- 45° related to the horizontal axis) movement
  • Pedals can recognize foot gestures and pass on appropriate commands to the system


  • Electric bicycles
  • Cargo bicycles
  • Velomobiles
  • Recreational/fitness devices
  • Rehabilitation devices
  • Pedal assisted wheelchairs


The University of Zagreb is seeking industrial partners to commercialize the technology through licensing of its IPR (patent and know-how). The research group is available to offer further support in successful technology transfer and the development of new functionalities.

Stage of development

A functional prototype has been developed and implemented on an electric bicycle.

IP status

A PCT patent application has been filed.

Additional information

Technology summary is available here.

Last update: 19.07.2018. 08:08:37

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