Get-Started in Health Innovation Kick-off event

On Saturday, May 13th this year’s edition of the GSHI (Healthcare Startup Initiative) program supporting healthcare innovation start-ups began

We are implementing the program as the EIT Health Hub for Croatia in partnership with the innovation agency Lean Startup Croatia.

The distinguished guest at the program’s opening was Professor Ernest Meštrović PhD., who, through his inspiring speech, motivated participants to think outside the box and encouraged them to create innovative solutions that will contribute to improving the quality of life for all of us.

At the kick-off event, 14 teams participated, presenting their ideas, out of which 11 teams were given the opportunity to continue in the program and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to turn their ideas into innovations!

  1. Art express aims to address the problem of unrecognized delirium in patients in surgical intensive care units, with the goal of reducing complications and long-term cognitive impairments. Their innovative art therapy is a key element in this process.
  2. Digital Smile is working on developing an application that will provide personalized tourism experiences in Croatia for users of dental services from other countries. This comprehensive application enables accommodation reservations, notifications of dental appointments, information about tourist attractions, and more.
  3. EMHANCE focuses on neurological diseases that pose a significant burden on patients, healthcare institutions, and society. Their non-invasive device uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate the nervous system and provides personalized therapy with the aim of improving functional recovery of patients.
  4. MedQual Analytics focuses on improving the quality of healthcare through data analysis. Their advanced analytical solutions enable hospitals and clinics to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize healthcare delivery.
  5. Michi Community is working on developing a community that supports and connects individuals with mental health challenges. Through their platform and resources, their goal is to provide support, information, and empowerment to reduce stigma and enhance mental health care.
  6. Morbus develops innovative solutions for managing chronic diseases Their products and services facilitate symptom monitoring, therapy management, and communication between patients and healthcare professionals, with the aim of improving the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases.
  7. Novela Medica is developing a device for measuring respiratory rate. Their goal is to address the complex problem of the lack of an acceptable device for measuring respiratory rate in healthcare systems.
  8. Primalja u zajednici (cro. Community Midwife) consists of skilled midwives with the aim of providing support to pregnant women outside the hospital environment. Their main goal is to ensure safe and quality healthcare for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period through a dedicated Center for Pregnant Women.
  9. Satellitome focuses on addressing the problem of a lack of easily understandable and highly informative maps of repetitive satellite and transposon DNA sequences. Using computerized multicolor visualization from primary DNA sequences, the team generates clear patterns of organization for these sequences.
  10. SimpleMatic focuses on solving the problem of automating simple repetitive tasks within environmental monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry in compliance with EU GMP regulations. Their goal is to facilitate work tasks and optimize business processes through automation, helping companies become more efficient and productive.
  11. Zeleni Recept focuses on addressing the issue of insufficient physical activity levels in the population. Their strategy includes prescribing a green prescription to patients by family physicians, aiming to refer patients to exercise programs within primary healthcare centers. This reduces waiting lists for physical therapy and improves the level of physical activity in the population.

We would like to express our special thanks to our sponsors, AstraZeneca and Selvita, for recognizing the importance of healthcare innovation and the role our program plays in this process.

We wish the teams good luck in the further course of the program!