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What are

The Health Innovation Day is an exciting event full of creativity, collaboration, and innovative solutions. It is a workshop where students can learn that innovations drive the world, drive the economy, and improve the quality of our lives. It is a workshop for acquiring soft skills such as constructive debate, teamwork, and communication. It is a workshop of positive energy and fun.


The University of Zagreb organizes the Innovation Day as part of the EIT Health Innovation Days (i-Days) program. This program is an initiative of the EIT Health Knowledge and Innovation Community, which takes place in over 30 locations in Europe. The University of Zagreb is joining the society of the best European universities, all with the aim of promoting innovation in the field of health and healthcare.

What does the programme looks like?

Students from all faculties are divided into multidisciplinary teams whose task is to find the best solution for one of two predefined challenges.

Through the process of creating an innovative solution, from idea to product or service, they are guided by experienced mentors who provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop ideas according to the methodology of Design Thinking.

The innovative solution is presented to an expert commission, so training on how to present a business idea through a sales pitch is also an essential part of the program. A successful completion of the program is marked by a small celebration.

What do students get?

  • Opportunity to develop something new, a new innovative health product or service
  • Incentive to create their own company
  • Acquiring knowledge about innovation tools: Design Thinking and and presenting bsuiness ideas through sales pitching
  • Networking with patient representatives, public sector and industry representatives, and colleagues various study programme
  • Enriched resume. Participants recieve EIT Health Certificate
  • Valuable prizes, including participation in Winner’s Event – european level competition where winners of from each country compete

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