Aktivni projekti

EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing is one of the nine innovation communities of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Its mission is to create a network of European innovators in the field of manufacturing, which would contribute to increasing the value of European products, processes, and services and promote the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

The vision of EIT Manufacturing is to position the European Union as a leading innovator in manufacturing on the global market.

In 2020, University of Zagreb became the EIT Manufacturing Hub for Croatia through its innovation support unit, Center for Research, Development, and Technology Transfer. In 2021. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture  partnered with the University of Zagreb in the implementation of the EIT Manufacturing project.

The mission of the EIT Manufacturing Hub in Croatia is to connect
entrepreneurs and innovators from Croatia with the wider EIT Manufacturing
community and help them take advantage of the opportunities that this community